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I went out at 11 pm tonight; first clear starry sky all week, though it was still pretty humid. I was hoping to see some of the "grazers," long skimming meteors supposed to show in the NE before midnight. Nothing but bug bites. I have a 20' cable on my home made shutter switch, so I eventually retreated into the car and shot from there, with the tripod out front.

I'll check the weather and may get up early (or simply stay up, just 3 hours away from peak.) Here's a view looking north. Ursa Minor is at the top of the frame. Besides the security light under the tree, there is plenty of light pollution from Mpls/St. Paul 30 miles to the WNW.

Camera: Canon XSi dslr
Focal length: 20mm
ISO: 800
f/4.5 (wide open on kit lens)
Exposure: 60 sec with home made remote switch
Focus: manual using live preview 10x mag on Jupiter(?) in east.

I can get a reasonable star exposure at ISO 1600 & 15-20 seconds, enough to leave sharp stars and all but kill star tracking, but there's a bit too much noise to clean up. At peak meteor density, I could hope to get a streak every half dozen photos or so.

A wider lens, maybe a 10-22 UWA is on my wish list. Between the haze & light pollution, I can see the Milky Way, though it doesn't photograph well.
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