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Originally Posted by AussieHoppy View Post
I have one of them thar ASW28. Yup, very fragile, but a fun plane to fly. keep speed up until you have altitude, coz she doesnt mind tip stalling. Easy to land, although she is very flighty in gusts... last flight a wind gust drove her nose in, just on flare for touchown. Plane is fine, but broke the prop. I have no idea on what to replace it with, but I would like to fly her again sometime. I had cut away a lot of the ails foam hinge, and used Du-Bro hinges for rudder & elevators, made a big difference on surface travel, also dialed in more throw eg- servo throw at something like 130% for the elevator. Easy hand launch, with all surfaces neutral, mine flew almost dead straight.
Make sure the CG is correct.

I hope the winds are favourable tomorrow for you... I might have a play with my pusher prop for fun

Good luck with the ASW- enjoy!
I just checked and the weather looks good for tomorrow in Brisbane. I'll do something with those hinges now as apparently the servos have a tendency to die and it is probably the hinges are too tight.

Looks like you really need a receiver with the pins on the end instead of standing up. Did you get the cowl to sit on with the LiPo in? I have a 1250mah two cell and it is a bit long.

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