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i bought one from xheli. they had a special for $19.99 + s&h, and i used a coupon for 10% off, so total price was $30 shipped (i noticed as soon as i placed the order they took off the special =P). it flies really well, i would imagine if anyone owns a s107 it will fly just like that. here is a video i made of it

i am trying to get rid of the blinking led lights though, i find they are really distracting if youre trying to fly in the dark, or in general for that matter. im thinking of modifying the blinky lights so they give off one color - red and green on each side like nav lights. but i have no idea how =( so if there are any electrical engineers in here willing to help out id be much obliged. ill put a picture of the pcb up when i get home today.

by the way new to the forum, great place!

edit: oh yeah, i got a total flight time of 7:35 (this includes crashing twice) on a full charge

edit edit: here's the pcb. im thinking the 4 black things next to the led controls the flashing. maybe i can replace the little black things or just take them out? if the flashing cant be stopped im just gonna take out the leds


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