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Originally Posted by stergiopilus View Post
What receiver are you using to get 4KM with your x2610? And have you modded the x2610 at all?

I upgraded to the DX7, and still have the x2610 sitting in a box here. Now that I want to get into FPV, i'm thinking of pulling the x2610 out and giving it a go. Not happy with the receiver i've got (RS77S). I got a lot of gliches with that, even when flying only 50m away, so thinking of getting a corona one (RP6D1).

i am deffinately no expert on the topic but i will give you the info i believe is correct.

As with all frequencies there are corrosponding wave lengths. In the case of the 36mhz wave length there are 1.01m, 2.02m (1/4 wave length) and 4.04m (1/2 wave length)

once again i am not sure of the physics but by exactly matching the desired wave length you can dramaticaly increase the sensitivity of your receiver/range.

I generally let the antenna just dangle from the rear of my plane.

I am not 100% sure.. but i think IBCRAZY might be able to supply some more factuale info (he seems to be a bit of a guru at RF and antennas)

Having said all this i sincerely believe that by simply extending you rx antenna you will be remarkably impressed by the results.

a peice of warning however (this is third or fourth hand info) some rc RX;s have a "coil" built into the RX which is meant to compensate for the shorter RX antenna.. I have heard in some cases that this must be bypassed for the extension to work properly but in the case of the coronna 9ch i can deffinately vouch for the antenna mod.

I was previously acheiving 1.5 - 2 km and am now acheiving easily 4km without any gliches (my setup is a little too heavy and i do not have enough battery power to get any further safely) but i have often heard of reports of 10-15km with the antenna mod of 4.04m

as far as i know it does not matter the type of wire you use to extend you antenna, but i believe a safe way to be sure is to closely match the existing wire.

How can you loose ... it costs maybe $4 to buy cable and maybe 10 mins and a soldering iron to extend it.

I understand my explanation is a little unclear but i really hope i can save everyone some money and time as i have for myself.


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