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Originally Posted by Alwayscrash View Post
R, just leave upper linkages as stock ( from end to end=30mm), Make sure your are at Normal Mode, pitch curve is the default linear, that is a 45 degree straight line, parameters should be 0%, 50%, 100%. When you move throttle stick, you should see the main Blade will become an angle at -9 degree (0% throttle), +2 degree (50% throttle) and +10 degree (100% throttle), adjust lower ball link if needed.
This is as i've done on mine and it works flawlessly, don't know about you.
hope this help
Thanks AC, I just measured my upper links, mine measure ~31.4mm, instead of 30mm. Maybe that's my problem. Shortening the upper links would get my pitch closer to your and dkfuji's. Following all the setup you describe, I get -4 to 12* instead of the -9 to 10* you measured or the -9 to 9* that dk measured. I'll let you know where I get.

Originally Posted by dkfuji View Post
Okay here is what you should do. Start with everything square 90* which means your servo arms should be as close to 90* as possible at mid-stick. Now look at where your inner swash is to make sure you are in the middle of the travel distance available on your mainshaft without binding at top and bottom pitch. If you run out of travel space with the swash going top to bottom, you will need to adjust the link lengths from servo to swash to accomodate even full travel. Once that is done, look at the pitch of the blades at mid-stick. This is when you adjust the lengths of those links to get 0* pitch at midstick. Once you get all 3 blades correct, you should be able to get +/- 10* with those pitch curves. In order to get a full 12* you will probably need to increase the end points to 80% (L & H) and adjust the 2 other points to make a straight diagonal curve. Remember, my Hold and Nor pitch curves are adjusted to give me 3-5* at the bottom to prevent full negative pitch if I drop the throttle stick while landing and keep the heli from having full negative during spool up. You should do all of the set-up with throttle hold on and adjust the hold value to -15% and make the Hold pitch curve the same as St1 and St2.
Thanks dkfuji, this all sounds a lot like what I heard on the Finless Bob videos. I remember Finless Bob saying that an experienced pilot might want -2 or -3* at the bottom on Nor, and that a newbie might want -1*, for softer landings. Do you agree?

I haven't played with the throttle hold yet. I guess that by setting throttle hold to -15%, you don't have to disconnect the motor?

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