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Hi stretch1100,

This heli flew fine out of the box, I think. In fact, I was able to fly my first few flights without too much incident (other than my couch hit and learning how a weak battery affect flight), or at least less than some others in this hanger had mentioned with their intros to CP.

I'm just totally new to CP, and had asked dkfuji for advice before I jumped in. He referred me to the Finless Bob vids on helifreak, and I just wanted to apply my newfound knowledge. Really, I wanted to see if I could reproduce the -9 to 9* that he mentioned a while back. I think I might have just discovered a slight adjustment problem with the original setup, that's all.

I don't really even have enough experience to know whether it was flying well or not, and that's why I was trying to check the stock setup. I'm just looking for a baseline to work from.

Jump in, the water's fine.


Originally Posted by stretch1100 View Post
All this talk of pitch settings and throttle curves is this custom setup or fixing it to fly decent out of the box? This heli is on my list to purchase but I'm wondering if i'll have to do all this setup work before I fly? I had a Belt 250 before and loved it but I was ahead of myself. Went back to practice more on various sized FP birds and got good with them. Now thinking about thinning out the herd and getting this one. Not ready to do any 3D yet but would like to feel the performance and speed of belt driven CP. I love the torque tube tail setups but it doesn't feel as good as a belt. Also looking at the 2801 tx I'm not just sure I'm ready to have to read through the manual and forums to figure out how to work it and what every setting/button does. Wish this part was more user friendly(this is for you Walkera if you're listening). I'm thinking that's how the Blade SR made it's way into the market with the theme to sellers "Beginner CP and ready to grow when you are" something along those lines. Thoughts? Suggestions? Do I stay here and read this thread everyday until I decide to buy so I know all the in's and out's? I just wanna fly!
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