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Originally Posted by Rafa's CB100 View Post
Hi Guys,

I updated my curves to be the same as dkfuji's, then remeasured my pitch angles. I can see where the pitch angles with these curves are different, but the endpoints are the same, kinda like I had figured. Instead of 6.5* at mid stick, I now get 5*.

Just to confirm, if I'm not mistaken, I now need to adjust midstick to 0* for all 3 blades by adjusting the linkage lengths, right? Sorry I don't have more confidence in my theory, I just want someone to tell me I'm right before I go mucking with it. Thanks again,

Okay here is what you should do. Start with everything square 90* which means your servo arms should be as close to 90* as possible at mid-stick. Now look at where your inner swash is to make sure you are in the middle of the travel distance available on your mainshaft without binding at top and bottom pitch. If you run out of travel space with the swash going top to bottom, you will need to adjust the link lengths from servo to swash to accomodate even full travel. Once that is done, look at the pitch of the blades at mid-stick. This is when you adjust the lengths of those links to get 0* pitch at midstick. Once you get all 3 blades correct, you should be able to get +/- 10* with those pitch curves. In order to get a full 12* you will probably need to increase the end points to 80% (L & H) and adjust the 2 other points to make a straight diagonal curve. Remember, my Hold and Nor pitch curves are adjusted to give me 3-5* at the bottom to prevent full negative pitch if I drop the throttle stick while landing and keep the heli from having full negative during spool up. You should do all of the set-up with throttle hold on and adjust the hold value to -15% and make the Hold pitch curve the same as St1 and St2.
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