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Originally Posted by speedy72vega View Post
Garrett, the Turnigy 35-48-- series motors would be better for a .25 size plane than the 42-50-- would, mostly because of the excess weight the plane will have with that large of a motor.
I run the SK 42-50-650 on my .60 size Ultra Stick on 6S, spinning a 12X8E prop, it puts out 1135 Watts! That's a bit much for the smaller stick.
The SK 35-48-1000 is what I run on my Deuces Wild right now (normally the 42-50-650, but i'm experimenting with different setups), and I'm running them on 5S at about 780 Watts with no problems.
The lighter weight motor will be better for the .25 to keep the good flight characteristics IMHO.
This is my quandary! Most people who have this plane are telling me to go with the Power 32 (or 42-50) with a 4s batt. A friend at my LHS who has this plane with a Power 25/3s setup said the same thing. Please take into account that I want to use floats, and the fact that I am 5,000 ft up -- do you think I should stick with the 25/4s setup? Looks like their is a 32g difference in weight between the two motors. Otherwise, each will require the same ESC, and I probably will need to use a 4s on both, correct?

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