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We are paying retailers in China for the goods so they are hardly discount. The hobby supply business in North America was rapidly becoming an absolute monopoly.

Vertical intergration and all with no actual benifit to the average hobby guy. China direct has shaken them pretty good so far and is continuing day by day to do so. The chineser will develop outlets in north america with their nationals at some point I believe.

I vote with my wallet. Try to imagine what you would be paying for hobby goods in general if the current senario had not happened. I think it blindsided the existing monopolies. They were pretty sure they had us until this occured is my personal belief. Marketing could not save the issue or situation either as it had already been used in an unethical fashion. Just goes to show that there is a risk to unethical behaviour and excess greed.

The North American wholesale suppliers did not really care for the consumer at all. Amounted to abuse in my opinion and still does in some quarters. Or a failure of the free enterpise spirt. Retail is supposedly to bear some relationship to costs other than what can be squeezed out of the market place by absolute control. When you have irresponsible, greedy people that only put their own self interest in the forfront in business. The outcome is almost certain at some point. Has they acted responsibily they would still be making a lot of money and we would not have had to be bent over for a long period of time. Instead they will be leaving the scene at some point.

This type of wholesaler will do smoke and mirrors and everything else to detract from any discussion of his actual cost. Lithium polymer batteries have been a great example of this in my opinion.
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