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Originally Posted by SteveM732 View Post
Uhh, you've been there and inspected these factories? Maybe each town is tasked with producing a single product for the entire world and competition is strictly prohibited? I've heard the Dean's knock offs are not made of the same plastic so I doubt they are the same sans branding. Neu is selling a relabeled iCharger 1010B+ for $20 more than the iCharger labeled 1010B+ at ProgressiveRC, but that is little different than your LHS having BSI brand CA with their name and address on the label. Maybe you have proof of two chargers that are identical in design and manufacturing quality just relabeled and sold for less under a different name?

What you should be telling the OP is to stay away from inferior third party products and low quality copies of known brands. The first that come to my mind are Chargery and Battman, but I am far from the Chinese import expert that Charles is.

sea20, if you want to subscribe to the above notion that all RC products are created equal then at least make your purchasing decisions based on support. For best support I know from experience that ProgressiveRC and FMA are excellent, but some of the Bantam and Thunderpower retailers have good reputations too.
Mega Power, Hyperion and Triton chargers.
All made by SJPROPO.

Same design internals from the same factory. Slightly different case designs to suit the retailer. Different levels of support and firmware development of course.

And yes, there are chargers out there that are clones of other chargers. In most cases, the clones are just as good. I have a battman B6-50 and a b6-80 and they are made very well. In comparison to the Hobbycity accucel 6, the battman internals are much better.

Have a look yourself at the speed controllers that are under the name of Airboss, Quantum, Common Sense, Mystery Blue Boards, ZTW, Hyperion (the older ones) and hacker.

Have a look at their programming, the cards and the general design. All come from the same OEM, but some have value added features such as a micro switch, and in the case of the hyperion's, the emeter plugs..

I'm just saying..same factory line, different reseller.

Is this the case throughout the hobby, of course not.
Is there clones out there, of course.

Its just that not all "clones" are actually clones. They just don't have the same color or perhaps internal component upgrades such as japanese bearings versus chinese, better winding, higher grade caps and resistors, etc etc.
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