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Originally Posted by flyingj View Post
True its actually in the IMSF forums. I think also as the IMSF is a paid club as well, we'd have to be a paying member to get this going. But that doesn't mean that we can't solicit to the IMSF people and try and get something going ourselves although it probably can't be tied with SU or IMSF. IMSF sponsors SU.

Mike, We should study, plan and organize a DLG competition ourselves. Even on a more casual level, we could probably get something going and as popularity increases so will its participants.

I agree. Maybe I've been going about this in the wrong way. I did communicate with the IMSF guys and they were willing to support DLG and do an event at SU if there was enough interest. They were the ones that actually suggested I post the idea in the various forums to see what response it draws, then possibly piggybacking the event with one of the others like aero-tow. But I guess there isn't much interest, at least so far anyway. I think you are right in just trying to do something on our own for now and then see how it grows.

I'm all set to head to Denver this weekend for BSOC. It will be fun to see what's involved in a real F3K competition and see how it's run. I should be able to learn a lot. I know at least two of the top ranked flyers in the country will be there. Some of the other guys talked me into competing, so they can have an extra butt to kick I guess. As green as I am, I'm prepared for a dead last finish. But hopefully I'll get a boat load of valuable experience to bring back to Utah and get something going here. is offline Find More Posts by
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