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Originally Posted by theKM View Post
correction... only Wedge Jr forgot, as a solo pilot he's a man of his own destiny

has he had a flight while you sit back in the pit area yet?...
Yes....Wedge Jr. forgot...and when it was brought up that it was anyone else other than the pilot, we stepped aside for a chat......

i only brought up the "dual mode" only because I throw on a timer that goes off on my watch so he knows when there is two minutes left, not flight over

after the chat on who is the pilot all was good and fanciful flying resumed

I haven't fully stepped back since I stand as close to him as I do with others

I can tell you the wind blew him back while he was inverted and the plane went over our heads inverted and to the junk yard behind the field and at trees

my first reaction was "hey better gimme", but he just calmly went between the big trees, nosed it down (so it would climb) and brought it back into play
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