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Originally Posted by wedgewing View Post
Wedge Jr and Wedge Sr both forgot to set the timers for Wedge Jr's flight....

we were all enjoying his antics over the corn field as he made us all pucker at what he was doing..... he then started a harrier because the wind was picking up and I guess it died (seeing he ran out of battery)

He was heading down and I am looking at him and offering great advice...."more power, pull up!" (Duh....Dad's are great) I saw him flare it and I am sure he gave it all the power the LVC would allow....and then it disappeared

it was way out there and the corn is well over 8 foot high.....when we found it somewhere out there by taking a few steps and wiggling the radio controls..... look what we found....a big piece of yellow corn

grabbed it....walked the heck back out of there... changed batts and flew it a few more times.....Awesome tough planes
tell me about it. Wedge jr can really make you pucker. never know which way he is going to turn
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