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Originally Posted by olmod View Post
Did you check the total weight as against what HK charge ?
Dear Olmod,

I note you have also asked the same on my review in Hobbyking website as well.

I would like to let you know I work in Shipping myself, specifically in Aircargo. Hobbyking uses Postal Services - HongKong Post for their shipping needs. Not only are you restricted to how heavy the item is, there are also limits on the dimensions. There is therefore an industry practice to convert volume to weight, either lbs or kgs known as Volumetric weight.

The conversion of volume to volumetric weight is not scientific, it is based on an agreed upon ratio by IATA - International Air Transport Association. They do use some scientific basis for the ratio.

However, not all use the same ratio, DHL for instance use a smaller ratio, resulting in higher weight = higher charges.

Why don't you read up on Volumetric weight, especially on Wikipedia.

No matter how big the airplane is, there are still limits to how BIG it can carry. That's why

And if they don't fly it to you, shipping takes weeks/months.

Originally Posted by Colonel Blink View Post
Don't forget that it's not just the weight that governs P&P (shipping). There are packaging materials, and staff time that contribute to the costs too.....

And no, I'm not a HK employee!!!
Yes, freight is freight, Handling is handling. That's why some mail order services and websites specifiy Shipping + Handling, how much more are we talking about here? It's not a lot more. A cup of coffee and a cake?

I have bought stuff from many countries. Shipping Fees from USA is horrendous due to the distances and all the additional handling charges. Shipping from Europe is just as horrendous, mainly due to the exchange rate. Not to mention the crazy VAT rates.

I can bet you this though. The exact same parcel you received from HobbyKing, if placed through your local postal service, e.g. USPS, Royal Mail, AUSPost, is likely to cost more.

To Olmod, By the way, do you pay 10% GST on the items you received? I studied in Deakin, campus in Melbourne and I used to prepare the cash to pay the postman on delivery for the GST.

VAT is a killer in many countries. Luckily I get tax relief up to $400 Singapore dollars worth per Air Import.
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