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Originally Posted by Highflight View Post
That's why I don't give a flip what anybody believes.
My beliefs make me whole, and it's not likely that other's beliefs, whatever they are, will make any difference at all with regard to my own personal destiny.

There's just a couple of things that strike me about all this;

First, if there are a hundred people in a group and each believes differently, only one of them can possibly be right.
The reason non-believers are more stressed is because no matter what the singular truth is, they're screwed no matter what. An athiest is screwed if he's wrong, and he's screwed if he's right.

Second, there are people who believe they are so right that they are willing to kill everyone else who doesn't agree with them.

This was one of those ubiquitous church groups sent from neighborhood churches all over the the US, and you know dam well they weren't "spying".

I wonder how things would go if Christians in America were to hunt down Muslims and kill them just because they were "preaching Islam"?
If Islam is "The Religion of Peace", and they do that, then why don't we read stories of us violent, bigotted, raging, Christians doing the same. I'm astounded that we don't read similar stories like this over here.
I can't even begin to imagine good old Christian Americans hunting down and killing folks that were different to them....................
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