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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
I've clearly stated on here that I wasn't a Bush fan. And it is not I, that is bringing up the negatives about BUSH multiple times a day in multiple topics almost 2 years later...

You are the one that appears to be a little sore about things.

My point remains, I dislike your wide spread Bush trolling 2 years after the fact, and that has no relevance to you being agnostic.

Maybe I should clarify that agnostics are honest about the fact that mankind doesn't know all. Edit: point proven here
But that does not mean that all agnostics are honest in every aspect of their lives It just means agnostics are honest about being agnostic.

And then of course there is also those that don't believe in a GOD, make fun of those that do......and then call themselves agnostics.
They would be IMO Liars and not actually agnostics.

To put it in a way that you might understand, Bush called himself a conservative, but was everything but conservative see how that works? just because someone claims to be something, doesn't actually mean that they are what they claim to be. It just means that they have an agenda... and are willing to lie and fib about who they actually are....if it serves their purpose. Hence Obama calling himself a Christian. I got the impression he proclaimed that strictly for the purpose of his campaign.
Have you noticed - I NEVER start the Bush rhetoric - I merely reply to those who bring the cretin up on here.

That so many are desperately trying to defend the indefensible says much more about George!
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