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Originally Posted by Real Ira View Post
No shockers in this study.

To a believer (or at least a Christian one) thoughts of God represent blessed assurance of eternal love, mercy and grace. To an atheist the prospect that there may in fact be a God, and in particular a God of the Bible would mean they were in deep poo, poo.... Unless of they turn to God of course.
I can't speak for anyone else, and am not actually an atheist, but that woul seem to be just another example of believers projecting notions onto non-believers that are pure nonsense. We've seen it on here many times, where believers will accuse non-believers of "hating God". It's a ludicrous notion to ascribe hate for something that the target of that comment does not have any belief in.

As for stress, the frequent exhibition of believers hoping for, indeed celebrating, harsh judgement and eternal fire for non-believers, that they view as opponents in the discussions here, demonstrate beyond any doubt who is actually stressed. The discredited and debunked "big stick" of Pascal's Wager is wielded with monotonous regularity and, of course is laughed off as a hollow threat.

Seriously, we're talking here of otherwise cogent adults who, in the 21st century, literally believe in demons, spirits and the like, roaming the earth. These beliefs are largely indistinguishable from belief in fairies, elves and leprechauns. No wonder they're stressed out.
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