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Originally Posted by Metieval View Post
New ideas is what pushes people forward. Imagination, thinking, calculating, observation, experimenting, exploring, learning, trying harder....

I do agree that they could have comprehended.... but I guess I was trying to make the point that they didn't. And placing us, as of today, in the same position they was in, with us looking at what will be discovered tomorrow.
I don't think we can comprehend today, what we will know in the future. Or even to what extent our knowledge will have expanded to.

I.E. take a look at Galileo Galilei.... Fairy tales?

I suppose for the thread topic, I find agnostics more truthful than 99% of Atheist. And I suppose that is because I get the impression that many Atheist spend more time hating the Idea (concept) that there could be a God, or higher form of intelligence. Christians, or rather believers to be more accurate live on faith and their belief in God. Yes I will say that there are bad apples in each group, yet you will find a higher number of hateful people in the group of Atheist. Just simply looking at LTUP.... the amount of ridicule going back and forth is mostly owned by the Atheist crowd.
An example of this behavior would be the fact that the fairy tale insult is mostly thrown one way. Neither side can prove their side 100% factual. So which one is the fairy tale?
The fairy tale is the one that includes fairies or similar creatures.
I'll also bet that here in LTUP you don't find agnostics more truthful than 99% of atheists. I'll bet anyone that goes back through the religious topics will find that you disagree with what is the truth with ET a lot more than 1% of the disagreements with atheists. And he isn't the only agnostic.
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