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As I promised

Dean and Beardsley - Finally got the 4600mAh A123 cells in.
The plan 3 flat pack did not work was expected - so modified some stuff and went back to the 2x2 inlines.

Tommorrow we'll see - I moved the CG forward abit as suggested, but reluctant to move the tow hook just yet. So tomorrow will be the test.

FYI - Max current flaps loaded = 1.5A Voltage drop from 6.56DC to 6.12DC so there is alot of resistance in the wires. Need to look into this.

Now with the skid installed nose and tail - I'm at 5012 grams so after all that work it's still fat - gotta look at how much protection the batteries really need etc....
That being said - The LiFe 3200 will give a those grams back, but given the current consumption observed need to look elsewhere - ah hem wire harness to tail section as you did! I'll look up that source.

Here is a snapshot of where it's at now.
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