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Originally Posted by Lompma View Post
That is strange that they would make this with short servo horns limiting the pitch! Would they have done that intentionally to limit pitch? So Daryll you are using the Gaui 200 blades and WOW extended servo horns. In your professional opinion would you say these are very worth while upgrades that people should do. I have one coming from John and would like to be prepared and have everything on hand. Also why is the 5th point on your pitch curve only at 75. Is that because of the binding issues? And just one last thing, what is your swash mix? 60%,60%60% or different on your pitch?
Thanks for all you great advice. You really are helping us newbs.
A is correct. You have to fly in 1 servo mode so there is no swash mix used. That adjustment is done with servo Ext on the Rx and Pitch Curve on the Tx. IMO, the servo arms are a must if you want some real punch and want to have full cyclic movement. The pitch curve top point is 75 because that is where my + pitch hits 12* and there is no interaction causing the swash to go uneven. If you keep the stock arms and want 12* pitch, then at full pitch you will notice when you give it left and right cyclic the swash goes left and back then right and back. This will cause the heli to tail stall a bit in a full pitch roll. Not good. Also, if you just go full pitch you will notice that the swash will go out of level (left or right, front or back, combination of all) due to the short arms. This will cause the heli to veer one direction or the other in a full pitch climbout or a full negative pitch drop. Also not good. Using the longer arms eliminates all of these issues. The blades are not a necessary upgrade as they are an economic solution to replacement blades. Plus in the case of a blade strike (or more commonly called a crash...LOL) the woodies will pretty much self destruct hopefully keeping more expensive parts from damage (i.e., blade grips, grip shaft, mainshaft, etc.) In addition, they do weigh over 2g lighter which helps performance and flight times.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me anytime.
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