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Originally Posted by dkfuji View Post
Yes the longer horns allow for full travel without binding. It is not the swash nor the head. The stock servo horns are just too short. The best part is, these arms also have a hole where the stock position is as well. So you could start with the stock hole and move it out once you are ready. You have to adjust the pitch curves so you get +/- 12 or so and not bind the swash. My adjusted pitch curves are now: Nor 36-41-50-63-75 and St1 & 2 25-37-50-63-75.
Those values give me +/-12* with no binding.
That is strange that they would make this with short servo horns limiting the pitch! Would they have done that intentionally to limit pitch? So Daryll you are using the Gaui 200 blades and WOW extended servo horns. In your professional opinion would you say these are very worth while upgrades that people should do. I have one coming from John and would like to be prepared and have everything on hand. Also why is the 5th point on your pitch curve only at 75. Is that because of the binding issues? And just one last thing, what is your swash mix? 60%,60%60% or different on your pitch?
Thanks for all you great advice. You really are helping us newbs.
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