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Originally Posted by Lompma View Post
That is a total travel range of 18 degrees with the travel 50% up and 50% down. Could you give your self 11 degrees positive and then only 7 degrees negative. Or 10 deg pos and 8 deg neg. I know this would affect inverted flight but what if you dont do inverted. Would this be a viable solution for more pos pitch. Give a little to get little.
Hey Marc. It really still comes down to personal preference. However, if you attempt to do what you are saying, you will not have 0* at midstick which is what you want with all CP helis. Also, it is not about total range of degrees of pitch. What I am saying is if you have more than 9* pitch + or -, you get the interaction.

Originally Posted by Rafa's CB100 View Post
A few battery questions:

As a learner, if I was more concerned with longer flight times and less about high C ratings, is there a better battery option?

Does this battery crossover, in terms of power ratings and size, to batteries that other Walkeras use? IOW, can knowledge of battery testing from other comparable helis transfer to this one?

I notice that the little stock charger takes a long, long time to charge. Without going full-bore stupid, what's the next step up in chargers?

Try getting the NRG 1300mah 2s packs. They charge at the 5C rate so your charging time is about 1/5 of the slow Walkera charger and stock lipo. You can also try higher mah rated packs to increase flight time, but the trade off is added weight which takes away from the overall flight time. That is why there is so much trial and error when I am choosing different battery options for these Walkeras.

Here is my solution for the servo interaction problem. I have located longer servo arms that allow for the full pitch range and still leave enough servo travel to get full cyclic swash movement at top and bottom pitch. Now the heli climbs straight up and down at full pitch climbout. Before, the heli would veer off to the left during a climbout because the Pit servo ran out of travel and pulled the swash down and left. Here are a few pics and the arms alone are available here:
They are actually for a different heli mod, but they work perfectly. Also, this 4F200 has the 3s mod done to it including an upgraded tail servo. Very solid in flight, motor stays cool and I get just about the same flight time with the 850mah NRG lipo packs.
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