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Barry Kennedy

Go away and leave the poor guy alone. Barry has never talked to anyone with the words your offering. With harsh words and this kind of treatment, I'm sure he won't miss your business. He has been super to me and every one I know. I'm sorry, but something of this whole story smells like a little black and white rabid animal.. . Brian

Originally Posted by registerwing View Post
I had a order for a photon that arrived about a month after it was order with a boom that was bent beyond use so I called Barry. It was at least a half dozen lies later before he agreed to send a replacement boom.
I had enough of his lies and a buddy on mine also had a photon and he thought he would order a boom for his because his had a split.

I joked and said that BARRY will likely ship him my bent boom after I returned it and at that point I put a little scribe inside the boom to mark it.

Finally after calling and calling I got his wife on the phone and she got on his A$$.

A few later I got the boom but he charged it to my account. [that is NOT M/C practise and he knew it.]

nearly 3 months after hitting the order button I have a glider ready to fly and guess WHO got a bent photon BOOM.

I have never heard so many lies from a dealer and at one point he even told me to kiss his a$$.

ALL his lower grade planes or the ones with slight flaws get shipped to Canada from what I can tell.The man will never see my money and I hope to run into him at a contest someday
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