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Hey everyone. Before I get started, I'll apologize right off the get go if my terminology is wrong. This is my first heli I've purchased and so far I like it a lot. However, I was flying it yesterday and out of no where, it started wobbling and started coming down really fast. I was able to land it (not crash it) and when I looked at it I saw that one of the weights on the balancer sheared off. Since the paperwork that came with the heli was transferred from Chinese, it's very hard to understand it. I went to a couple local hobby stores near me and none of them knew how to replace the balancer nor knew which part would replace the balancer. If anyone can help, I'd be greatly appreciative of it.
Spare parts are readily available via eBay. Try this link for one supplier (there are many others):
The part number of the balance bar is 9053-01. A list of parts and numbers came with your chopper when you bought it.

I've had numerous crashes, even wrapped the balance weights around the lower rotor several times. Took it off, straightened it and stuck it back on, no problems. The main trouble I have with this chopper is that when it's at altitude I have very little control over forward/backwards movement. Even in the slightest breeze it's difficult to fly against the wind. As a carrier for a small video system it's great.

For practice I bought the little Double Horse 9098 chopper. Same controls, same functions, but 1/3 the size, infra red and indoors only. It's a very elegant little flyer, looks like the 9053 had pups.
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