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Officially so NOT the SFMYC!!
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ON SPRECKELS LAKE: Power Runs, Events, Sail & the SFMYC (kinda, sorta, maybe)!

Thread Discliamer: Ok, gang, this is NOTHING official nor authorized by the
Powers-That-Be of the San Francisco Model Yacht Club.

Just something like the Hansen gang and the Central Coast boys have put up; a place to make some announcements, hang a few photos and chit chat about what's happening at the Lake, not only with some of the Club's power boaters, but also what is happening with the "Irregulars," the local model boaters who are NOT SFMYC affiliated but who also run gas and electrics on Spreckles Lake during the legally permitted hours.

For official 'doin's,' you can find the Club's official website here.

This thread supports:
Model Boating of all types on Spreckels Lake in General and
EVERYONE interested in our hobby.

Not just the SFMYC.

So - Long as everyone has that clear that this is nothing official nor SFMYC sanctioned;
onward and downward! To the Abyss!!!

For the OFFICIAL San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department RULES that govern all boating on Spreckels Lake and in San Francisco's Parks... Click here. and here.
These "rules" have the force of law under the San Francesco Municipal Code's Park Code.

Update from Feb 2012 Newsletter...


The following additions to Club policy #3, Use of Spreckels Lake by Members, were unanimously approved by club members at the January meeting. The purpose is to ensure that all classes of R/C sailboats have the maximum opportunity to practice and improve their sailing skills.
  • Spreckels lake is a public lake in a public park. Model boating activities of the SFMYC do not have priority over public use of the lake.
  • All classes of R/C sailboats must be allowed to compete and participate in non-scheduled, informal “pick-up” races, subject to a basic knowledge of the Racing Rules of Sailing by the skippers. Experienced members are encouraged to treat such “pick-up” races as opportunities for training and instruction of less experienced members.
  • All R/C sailboats operated by club members that are not competing in formal, club sanctioned regattas or informal, non-scheduled races, must keep approximately 30 feet away from those that are.


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Sure to occur

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