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I bought mine when it first came out and I love it! Well, I haven't really done anything with it other than look at it in the box but I still love it!

Now if you really want to hear a gripe, ask me about my EFlite P-40. I spent an extraordinary amount of time (for me) to get it trimmed and balanced correctly. Finally had time to toss it into the air. It flew like it was on rails. I was ecstatic!

Then about 4 or 5mins into my flight I lost control of it. It just would NOT respond to my inputs and dove into the ground. It was probably only 50ft up and 200 yds away.

Get to the plane, which is split in half, and there is my AR6110e - slowly blinking. New EFlite servos, receiver, ESC, etc.

Put me in such a foul mood I haven't been out flying in a week. Maybe tomorrow would be a good time to maiden the 300.
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