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Douglas Skyraider Video Tutorial for a "drawing and tutorial disk"

After our MIG 3 workshop ended in spring I tried to take a " lesson learned" what could be improved for the future of sharing knowledge. And to increase efficiency for both - the particiants and me.

The evaluation from my point of view:

The offer to setup a workshop gathered about 40 people interested and supported by me. But just about a hand full of guys got finally through it.
All the others took the support and jumped off! That is inefficient from my standpoint as it is my time.

The videos I put on youtube were rather short and bad in resolution ... and they took a looong time to upload (I have a last mile connection which seems to be more like a green mile ( waiting for dead)). That is also a problem to be solved.

Further - I actually have some perspectives on a new job and also have to spend time on this, so real time support might be complicated for the next time....

To make it short:

I had the following idea (I know it is not new) and it might be indiscussable for some of you, but it eases my efforts and gives you guys the better support in final. But it is not solvable on zero cost!

( This is actually an idea and still far from decision for execution

I'll start a poll: 5 planes in mind, as I would like to avoid to setup the 5th Focke Wulf 190 !

After some time I would plan and prototype of one of the most promising.

I would setup a video / DVD based tutorial and sell it in combination with the plans for a price of 20 to 25 Euro

I know that "Business Case" is another thing and I just would have to equal my efforts.

Now what would you think?

Motto could be -

The pacific war

The planes could be :

Heavy attacker - A1 Skyraider ( I don't like her, but as it is a seldom seem plane....) OR Aichi D3A1

Fighter - P36 Hawk (Beautyful as she is) OR Kawanishi J6K

Ground attack - P47 Thunderbold (Bubble TOP or Razorback ) OR Mitsubishi J2M Raiden

A torpedo bomber - SB2C Curtis Helldiver OR - Nakajima B6N2 "Tenzan"

Biplane/ Reconnaisance: Vought SBU1 OR Kawasaki Ki10

YOUR OPINION WOULD BE APPRECIATED!! Comments on the poll, too!

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