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Originally Posted by jackosmeister View Post
Jetdryver, does yours balloon at full noise?

Im having issues getting a doplar pass, 150+ and its still shweet but as soon as I give it a good run up and it goes supersonic it starts to balloon and get a little bit ass cheek clenching crazy!
Yep all of my four voddo would do the same

I modified one after a crash or to be more precise when i rebuilt the fuse the wing incedence was changed to be less positive

Take off is alot more tricky as there is a lot less lift at speeds of less than 30 MPH so I use the bungee to solve the take off issues
This made the plane less balloning in high speed flat passes but it was really sricky to get it out of vertical dives I was forced to have the flaps input up control inputs in the vertical dives to get it to snap out of the deep slot
However then its a bit snappy on the controls if you input on the up down as the flaps spoilers really grip the air

If you want to try it you could make a balsa seat for the wing which start at ~1mm thick at the back and reduces to zero towards the front .
This would reduce wing incidence from probaby 1 degree to zero degrees
If you dont do the deep vertical dives it seems to stop ballooning

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