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Originally Posted by Alwayscrash View Post
Hey Darryl, did you notice some heat on tail boom? mine was warm after 2 lipo packs, maybe heat dissipation from main motor goes through alu motor holder and transit to tail boom?
On your last video, did you made some flips? how much throtle input in it?
Hey A. I have not noticed heat from my boom, but it may be due to belt friction. Its a pretty small diameter boom to house a belt with a 1/2 twist no? LOL. Try checking your belt tension. Anyway, yes I flipped it a couple of times in the vid. The first one caught me by surprise on how quick it flipped over. The second one was flip into inverted climb and flip back around. It did not take much throttle at all. Of course at the time I was running 100% TC. I have adjusted down to 90% and like the feel there. It was very easy to flip it. Since the vid I have rolled it and tick-toc'd it and it is very quick. Still practicing my inverted hovering and 3D skills but this heli appears to be able to handle whatever I can throw at it. Don't know about Manny tho...LOL. There's the real test.

I have installed the Gaui 200 woodies and they seem to work perfect. Very stable and a lot quieter in flight. Not sure if they will hold up to 100% throttle nor 3D, but it is a cost effective alternative. Also, Helidirect has a special on CF blades where you buy 1 and get the second set for .99. Cool. Ordered a bunch last night. .
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