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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Is this the motor?

Are you reversing the shaft like this?

What problems have you had with the motor? Have any burned out?

Do they fit on the Crashtesthobby motor mount that comes with the Assassin? ( I think they will!)
Yes, that is the motor. We are reversing the shaft and there is no pesky E-clip only two screws to loosen and tighten. Shaft is fairly loose. Seems like a couple whacks with the handle of a screw driver while holding it in my hand is all it takes unlike the Turnigy 35-30A.

Shaft is 3mm so everything from the red motor transfers over no problem and the motor mounts on the Assassin kit supplied motor mount.

The motor is being used on 4 different Assassins. No burn out motors or ESCs. We broke a motor with a loose set screw hiding in the magnets and windings and also a bent shaft after a hard landing.

At first start up the motor with a fresh 3S battery puts out 250 watts with the 7X6 prop.

The Turnigy 28-26, that has been suggested as a replacement to the red motor-FC 28-12, will burn up if you try to use the 7X6 prop. Of course the 28-26 is listed as a 140 watt motor and the Tower Pro 2409-12D is listed as a 200 watt motor on the Hobby King website.
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