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Texas - It's not like I think it's the best plane in the world, but I can't take the constant complaining. Two things I don't like since the first time I flew it: It snaps under too much elevator and it seems to balloon when flying sometimes. When you come across the field at 10' and 3/4 throttle, it moves up and down sometimes like the wing is hunting. It is, however, much happier balanced correctly. I flew it tail heavy at first and the benefits didn't out weigh the squirrelly habits to me. For a foamy, it is pretty sensitive to set-up.

I like that it's foam, has parts available if I want them, looks great, it's a quick repair, has great power, will do big maneuvers and hold lines well for foam, and it's not like anything else I have. I have too much stuff as it is, but this is just a little different and I can throw some batteries through it in the field behind my house and get my flying fix.

I think it's relative to what else you have and how you like to fly. I couldn't care less if you have to land it faster than other PZ planes. Not surprising as it's not the lightest plane for it's size or wing area.

Sure I would take new wings, I just don't think it's the end of the world and I have many other things to do in life. Once I got my set up sorted out for my taste, I have liked it more. By set up I mean everything, throws, triple rates, expo levels on each rate, cg with the different batteries I have, etc. Haven't seen any excessive draw on my watt meter with the batteries and prop I am using.

The longer your into this, the less you pay attention to manuals stating cg's and throws. It's a starting point, but after that I adjust for my taste regardless of what the manufacturer says.

A few years back Aeroworks put out an edge that was coming out about 2 lbs heavier than advertised with the lightest nitro setups. You know what they did . . . raised the weight in the manual and on the box. Lifes too short.
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