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Originally Posted by I TOBOR View Post
Gary, my wife and I do not fly airlines who use other than Boeings.

Here is a less than mediocre engine that I dearly love. Its a MERCO .50 that turns the Graupner 12x6 at 9,100 rpm, will fly all day with out so much as a hiccup and burn very little fuel doing it. A Fox idlebar plug and 5% nitro fuel is all that is asks.

Actually Dave, I was just kidding. Playing the advocate. Mocking some of the mediocre silliness we often hear. Much like your "less than mediocre Merco" I really appreciate Boeing, the company and what they have done. I fully understand your Merco comment Like Duuuh!

The old workhorses like Saito, Enya , OS and Merco surely have a place in our hobby.
I guess it is just fine to rate an engine as mediocre , if you must. But even that is relative to intended application. In the J-3 Cub , a Jett wonder engine would rate mediocre compared to a lovely OS flat four 4 stroke Pegasus. How about a hot Mitsubishi Zero powered by a new OS radial ?

The market has changed. The majority of the HP stuff in toy engines seems to be the car kids .
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