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Are you talking about GOVERNMENT AIRPLANES ?

The heavily subsidized builder of mediocre , misrepresented devices that fall from the sky. Talk about "boat anchors" !

Of course , the market drives product offerings. Some people decry the major model engine builders for stifling "performance" engine developement. Not really true. In days gone by the percentage of flyers participatingin simple "engine dominate events" was a lot higher. The population has matured (thankfully) and now the flyers are less competitive and more interested in pilot dominanted type flying. With maturity comes the realizatition that relying on a machine to make up for a pilot's inabilities perpetuates mediocrity.

So we have come to a point where people are using the entire flight/speed envelope. They are learning to fly on the wing, not the engine. The control line mentality is also fading away. It isn't all "up and down real fast" around and around.

Along with that comes the reality that WTO ABC engines are actually not the only choice.In fact they may be a very mediocre choice ! Picture a pair of beautifully built expertly piloted Piper Cubs . One with a fire breathing Jett , the other with a Pegasus flat four .

"How many revs do you get with a 14-6 ?" is no longer the big deciding factor.

As a result the companies that offer the products people actually want do well. High performance makers problems are not a kooky conspiracy by a major engine maker to put high "performance" engine maker out of business as some may try to blog.

In fact, to that makers credit they concentrate their high performance efforts in the RC car market. A market ripe with the less mature , still seeking the "edge" from their machine. In fact OS is doing quite well in that market. The companies that cater high "performance" model aircraft powerplants are just fighting for their share of a shrinking market.
I hear one of those companies would have probably have been long gone if it were not for the government work they do..So, back to the top.
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