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Received the pack from HobbyCity, the plane is probably just slightly different from the Nitroplanes version.
The first impressions are that the plane looks really nice and scale, and I also like the smooth, shiny finish of the foam, suggesting high quality material. However, there are minor scratches and depressions on the wing surface and the decals are pealing off at some more exposed parts.
My major concern appearing for first sight is the small wing surface area for the size and AUW of the model and for the apparently insufficient power that motor can provide. This plane does look to me a fast one, combined with low wing characteristics, warning me to be cautious when trying to fly it for the first time. The arrangement of the battery in its compartment is really ridiculuous: the sharp end of the pushrod travels with the servo arm just to the right position to be able to punch the LiPo pack. Must enlarge the compartment and restrain the pack from sliding back.

Wondering which motor to choose from HobbyCity (HobbyKing) to replace that trash one originally coming with the plane. Any suggestion?

Pono420: what size servos did you install for flaps: 9g or maybe smaller? It would really be nice to see a vid on your slow landings. Sounds almost unbelieveble for this plane.

Hope mine will be flight-ready soon.
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