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Originally Posted by Pontiaddict View Post
They changed the name to...
I have not been able to find any price or availability info yet, so if anyone knows....
Try this one:

However, I don't think that is the F450 as pictured in RC Hel- it was with Flybar. I was interested in the flybarred head because I was thinking it would make a good replacement for the metal head on my old DF60, which I could never get to work properly because the linkage arm on the blade grips was a clamped on part that would slip, leading to pitch change and tracking problems after a couple of flights. I eventually gave up and took this head off and adapted a TREX450 head for it, But in my heart I wanted to make it work as a Walkera for some silly reason. I did like the way it flew when setup right, it was just that I couldn't keep it setup right!

The head pictured in RC Heli mag looked like they had implemented the same basic head design as the DF60, but more heavily engineered with the blade grips, including the linkage arm, made of one piece of metal. I also like the beefier look of of the flybar linkage arms etc. The flybarless head looks ok too but I don't want to invest flybarless elecronics in my old DF60.
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