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well, just did the first test runs in the parking lot outside! it seemed that the rear was lifting higher than the front, so i moved the battery out of the nose and onto the front wing. this time ig glided more evenly but the batt must have shifted rear because as i slowed it down, it pitched up and stalled. so i re positioned the battery a little farther forward and it flew just right! although i must admit the cg is FAR rear from your models
turning control seems adequate as i was almost able to do a full lap around the cars and planters! it still however wanted to roll a little when turning tightly, but didnt flip or drag until it slowed down too much. i did get one short video which i will look over and put up later tonight.

i think i need to install my longer range Rx and make part of it up in a tube like on rc cars and boats. i was surprised the little motor could push this beast so well! it wont take off from a standstill, but with a little push, it gets right up in about 15 feet!

i still need to add the top to the fuselage and make a frontal hatch. i'll take some more pictures to show what the rudder assembly looks like and such.

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