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Originally Posted by Bravo47 View Post
Usually with any waranty problem the buyer almost always pays one way. A couple of years ago I purchased an X52pro HOTAS for my sims within Australia. It had a defective button and I had to raise a return order then post the item back for repair. Early this year I purchased a DVD/GPS combo from a Chinese dealer, and the clip broke that retained the GPS SD chip. I followed the same process as the OZ dealer raising a waranty order and mailing the item back to China. The product was assessed, processed, repaired, and returned, no probs. The RC helicopters I buy are mostly under $200US, so there would have to be a very serious issue for me to bother mailing anything back. Generally if a part is broken in the box I just cop it sweet and order the required part. When it comes to RC aircraft I'm guessing dealers are always tormented by clients who deam their purchase defective because it falls out of the sky all the time. In my view RC aircraft are are "study hobby" like "DCS Blackshark" is a study sim. So learning how to repair aircraft is a required part of the hobby. I realise US vendors put a great amount of time into this forum, but at the end of the day if postage costs from the US to OZ are not clearly defined, and at a competive rate its hard not to choose the HK dealer who offers cheap postage, and excellant pricing right from the word go.

eg: when I purchased my LM3 with 2801p TX pricing ranged from $329US to $500US plus postage

eg: with my 4F200, I initially had it in the basket from a US vendor, but when the vendor noted that postage cost would be emailed after purchase. I backed out and purchased from a HK dealer 30% cheaper in the end.

Postage costs from US to OZ vary greatly for some reason I dont understand. The world is not that big these days.



ps- Like FlyaKite says if we lived in the US we would be in a better position to support local vendors.
Originally Posted by xviper View Post
Something's "rotten in the state of Denmark". I currently have 2 foam planes coming. Both are about the same size of box. One was much cheaper from Hong Kong while the other was slightly cheaper from a hobby shop in Georgia, USA. I'm in Canada.
My prices are compared with well known, large sellers in California. Shipping from California by USPS was $117.00 (international). This is almost what the plane cost. Shipping from Hong Kong was $50.00. Shipping from Georgia was $20.00 (international). Both supply me with tracking numbers.
Now one has to scratch one's head and wonder why the California shop charges $117.00 for the same shipping that can be done for $20.00. Somebody is doing a "snow job".
HeliProz has this similar outrageous international shipping. When I phoned them and challenged them on it, their only defense was that's the way USPS has set up their rate system. A few hours later, they contacted me back to say that there was a "glitch" in the USPS rate system and shipping would be much, much less now. Sorry, that excuse doesn't work with me. You tried to hose me once. What other areas will you hose me later?
Originally Posted by Wasp09 View Post
I am in Canada too. I find it usually more expensive to ship from the States than from Asia, especially small items. I am scared by the infamous UPS brokerage fee across the border too. Surprisingly USPS from the States isn't faster than airmail from HongKong.

I'll keep looking for good deals worldwide, not excluding the States.

Return shipping from Canada is always expensive regardles, unless it is small enough to fit inside a letter without going to parcel post. I definitely stay away from Walkera alpha trials to avoid repairs/returns.
I live in France and often order spare parts from HK and US. Well, mostly from HK for obvious shipping fees reasons.

What I noticed tho, is that the USPS fees seem to vary from a vendor to another... I know at least three online vendors that will charge me at least 30$ a regular international airmail with tracking.
I was then really surprised when I noticed another online vendor who charged me only 8$ using USPS as well. And moreover, the items were packed in a small flat rate box.
I will even quote a vendor who sent an item to France for the first time: "I repackaged the item so I could get it in a padded envelope and saved $10! The shipping was less than $3! I like shipping to France Viva la France!"

So does someone living in the US know why there are such different rates?
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