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Bid you all Goodbye

It is with a heavy heart that I am going somewhere else where my inputs and opinions are valued by true RC Airplane Modelers and not have to deal with constant Trolls, Paying Sponsor Shrils (hired guns) to shut you up.

I should have left during the large change out of moderators that left a few years ago and I should have known better but, wanted to give RCG's the benefit of the doubt.

However, it has been perhaps 2 different occasions that I have temporarily banned and all because I upset the paying Sponsors or those paying members from honest posts that I have made.

The rules here are bent to fit you should you are placed in the BLACK BOOK of RCG's and continue to off-set Business opportunities for the owner as your honest opinions "OR" Notifications of certain flaws in present products are pointed out. I have worned my warning points with honor as I excersied my honest thoughts and warned those here of certain models that really do not appear to be worth their hard earned $$$.

I leave you all by giving you some advise:

Always ask yourself:

1. Why is someone openly asking you if you own a certain model after you personally have provided witnessed accounts in proof of Videos and pictures of certain flaws. Most likely they are after you and waiting for you to reply so, they can fit those nice rules against you so, you can be awarded points and resulting in Banned member. Three ban cycles will win you a permanent status of not being able to come back. Well, I am making things easy for Mr. Jim and his Hench men.

2. After so and so Vendor / Distributor announces a certain model never go out and buy it until you have ample opportunity to check it out at certain Fun-Flys. Should you see someone provide less than steller review make sure he or she is an honest member with honest motives and usually the first impressions are the real deal no matter what the Paying Sponsor or Distrubutor (Representatives) come and say afterwards.

3. As far as this Site, it was once fun to come here and enjoy the hobby discussion but, in the past 4 years it has become a selective group to seek out those that decide to create trouble for the paying Sponsors and therefore, the owner.

I bid you a great time here, otherwise you can seek out other established sites that do very well in discussing the hobby.

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