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So, a well written review of this little bird, we already know as the Nine Eagles Solo Pro, which is the company that manufactures these helis, and also sells rebranded versions to companies like Revell, Robbe, Hype, etc...

It is definitely more agile than a coaxial, so you can get in trouble faster. It is also very stabile. If you let go of the sticks, it will return to a solid hover in no time, given enough space to correct itself. This combination makes it a nice step up from the coaxial.

I was surprised to read that the batteries are 130 mAh. The stock Solo Pro batteries are rated at 120 mAh. What flight times do you typically get?

Now, let's comment on the minuses of your final verdict:


* "Appeared" to have a tilt to the right but she flew fine in all directions.
* She can drop like a rock when the battery dies.
* Recharging the battery is a bit slow."

The tilt is normal for all single rotor heli's. It is more noticable on this one because it is so light. The MSR for instance also has it, but camouflages it by having the main axis tilted in the frame, so the body of the heli appears more straight up.

I've never had my Solo Pro drop, except when you drain the battery too much. What is the voltage of the battery right after the drop? It should be wel above 3.3V since deep discharge will kill lipos very fast. It is also possible your heli as a LVC (Low Voltage Cutoff) built in, so it will cut power to the motors below a certain voltage. After a few flights you will notice when power starts to fade, and land before it really is over. One other good way to test for battery power level is to see at what percentage throttle you can hover the heli. Above 70% means your batt hasn't got much left. Normallly you can hover at 50 to 55%.

You only have the transmitter to charge it, right? Since you charge it from the TX's batteries, charging will be slower than when using a wall charger. Nine Eagles also sells a little wall charger, that will have your batt ready in 20 to 25 minutes, or shorter, depending on how far you drained the battery. You can even charge 2 batteries at the same time, so if you get some extra batteries, you can almost fly non stop, even if you let the used ones cool down before charging them again.

Final advice, rebranded stuff is usually more expensive than when it still has the original brand on it. In this case you can also get the same package for 55 dollar, without shipping though, which will make it about 80 dollar. Still, even at 100 dollar, this bird is still worth the money in my opinion. There is some room for improvement, but there are some nice touches on this little bird, like the very well working battery connector that looks more durable than those little plugs you see on most small birds, and the construction is quite simple but effective. The TX might look funky at first, but offers a lot of features at this price, and I've never had any glitches with it so far.
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