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Originally Posted by kin View Post
one idea are make a 1/2 wheel diameter wheeel fairing inside the ducting .let the wheel can (back angle) and 1/2 wheel can goinside the ducting surface .this idea can let the wheel full come inside and if you can make a smooth fairing in will not effect the ducting ! is it possible ??

Yes it would be easily possible to modify the ducting to allow a larger wheel. In fact it would be very easy to do so as the ducting comes out without problem for modifications. It would look like the Fly Eagle Jets F-16 style ducting. As long as the wheel wouldn't impede the airflow too much it would work fine.

I wouldn't worry about trying to look scale. All we want is a strut that can replace the wire gear that has some dampening. The best solution is a C21 style trailing strut but sized for this plane because the ones currently around are too long. They fit inside the fuse with the wheel no problem at all. It's just they are 110mm's long when they need to be 88mm's long so people end up having to grind them down too much. Also the risk with the C21 design is that when the plane touches down, the spring can extend TOO MUCH which causes the plane to ground out which is NOT good.

If you create something along the lines of the C21 but with your better ability and design then we would all be happy. I am sure you could come up with something similar that would look better than the current one. Hopefully could look like the first picture with shock absorbing springs inside or whatever you think is best. For the pull pull wire you can just tap holes into the side of the C21 to mount the pull pull cables. It would work fine.
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