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Originally Posted by etman View Post
I still confused on how to tie the spars together. Please post some pictures on it. Thanks.

Another question: Should all equipment should be installed inside the "A" of the spars? Not outside of it?
Because if I put a GoPro on it, it will be at the nose and likely outside of the "A".
The 6 spar system is strong enough you can install the radio where ever you want as long as you don't cut the spars or leave open holes in the wing. Your GoPro needs a solid anchor but the plane is strong and can handle it.

Tying the spars together is simply a way to keep the spars from moving separately when the wing is under stress. I tend to overkill the situation after we had a few wings break in flight. None of the new Titans or Reapers have broken the fiberglass rods, that I am aware of, even in hard hits at high speeds since we went to the 6 spar system.

The instructions you posted tell it as good as I could repeat it here. I realize a video may help and will see what I can do.

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