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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
6. Tie the Front Spars Together on the Titan and Grim Reaper

1. The front spars come together at an angle in the middle of the plane. The front spars in the right and left wing halves need to be tied together on the top and the bottom in the middle of the wing to keep them from separating during higher "G" force maneuvers.
2. Prior to gluing in the spars into the foam, put two 6" strands of the shock cord material across the center line of the wing halves in the spar slot to tie the two wing halves together.
3. Bend two 6" wires (one for the top of the wing and one for the bottom) to match the spar angles, press them into the spar slots and glue them in with the spars. The wires are more rigid than the shock cord and add to the strength the shock cord provides.
4. The top and bottom center spars work together to create strength. across the middle of the plane. They also need to be positioned directly over each other. They need to be fitted tightly to the front spar system top and bottom and some recommend tying them to the front spars with small pieces of the shock cord.
5. After the spars are in place and the glue has cooled, cured or dried, bend the wing and see if it is strong enough to not flutter in flight.
6. The wing will be stronger and flex less after the tape, laminate and elevons are installed.

I still confused on how to tie the spars together. Please post some pictures on it. Thanks.

Another question: Should all equipment should be installed inside the "A" of the spars? Not outside of it?
Because if I put a GoPro on it, it will be at the nose and likely outside of the "A".
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