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Originally Posted by JettPilot View Post
I launch mine with my RC transmitter in one hand, and the Zephyr in the other. I turn on the FMA copilot, which does a very good job of leveling it after the throw until I can get my hand on the stick. It aweome, I am very fast but I still need the copilot to do alone. I throw it hard straight foward power off, but in that half second it takes me to get get my right hand on the stick to control the elevator and ailerons, and to throttle up, I can see the plane make the correction to level as it nears the ground. The power comes on and I fly out. Remember my plane is very very heavy, so if I can hand launch with 16 ounce of lead in the nose, a lighter Zephyr should be easy.

I'm impressed!

I haven't had the balls to try to launch mine alone. And like agentcow007, not too many are willing to get involved once I burp the throttle and they hear 800 watts running through a 9x6 prop.

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