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The Zephyr is an awesome airplane, I love flying wings The speed and streingth of a wing just cant be beat ! I have a Zephyr, and while it flys great, I made it much too tail heavy, I added 16 ounces to the nose to get it to balance My advice to anyone is put everything as far foward as possible, and once you have done that, find a way to move it even more foward so avoid having to add weight to it.

After totally screwing up my first Zephyr build, Klique sold me another peice of foam for a good price so that I could rebuld one with a correct CG. The quality of the Zehphyr kit is really nice, top quality EPP foam, very strong, much much better than the brittle, weak Elapor stuff that multiplex sells on the EZ Star and other planes. The Zephyr was designed for FPV and is well worth the money.

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