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Ya you and karl have had some good innovations.

I dont really like the curved spar method on hotwire cut wings it always pushes and distorts the TE and washout a bit .
On the fast heavier non combat wings they really needs to be true and strong due to the weight,the internal spars seem to do this better for my stuff.
I think the combat lite slopers do good with the arc ribbon for durability and flexibility in combat.

Every one has there own methods

I do like the lam film in the 3 mil ,it makes it very tough and rigid, the 10 mil works great to compliment it for rough landing zones too.

Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Ya, that's what I would expect, which is why I couldn't quite figure why he was going from a heavy build, to an even heavier build, but it's just the gear as he explained above.
Good quality curved ribbon spars top and bottom can do absolute wonders for
stiffness (might surprise you to know who was the very first person to use them that
way in a chevon wing).

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