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Originally Posted by newbey1 View Post
Hi just got my new wasp V3 6 ch heli, took it out of the box charged it, and read the manual. It binds fine, all functions work but when I apply throttle, it does not spin. All other stick movement works though just not the throttle. The control is in mode 2. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
The top left Silver switch, marked GEAR should be in the up position. The top right Silver switch, marked FLIGHT MODE should also be pointing up or at the N position. - this switch is for normal or inverted flight; inverted or Idle up may not be configured at the factory. ALWAYS make sure this right switch is in up position before you power up the helicopter.
The left switch can be used as a power off switch or flameout or motor off switch.

You did not mention if you have a Sky 701 or a Sky 702 or a Sky 703 Transmitter.
You did not list your country or the dealer you got this from. Most dealers will be more than happy to help you with questions; if not you can contact us for USA Based Factory Authorized Distributor Support.

If this fails to startup the throttle/motor. then you may have to reset the ESC so the ESC recognizes the settings on the receiver and transmitter.

To reset the ESC so it knows the top end and bottom end
of the throttle control.
These steps are easy.

Leave the throttle trim tab at bottom like you normally use it.

Throttle range setting:
1. Switch on transmitter, move throttle stick to top
2. Connect battery pack to ESC, and wait for about 2 seconds
"Beep-Beep-" tone should be emitted, means throttle range highest point has been correctly confirmed
3. Move throttle stick to the bottom, several "beep-" tones should be emitted, presenting the number of battery cells
A long "Beep-" tone should be emitted, means throttle range lowest point has been correctly confirmed
4. You should be ready to test fly

Hope this helps

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