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Originally Posted by Pinky15 View Post
Hey I am new to electric's and can't find way way through the web of info (that makes no sense) Can anyone help??? I have just purchased a Eratix's and would like to fly it some 3 D but mainly general actros. I have been told that the Hacker A30 12XL motor will serve me well. I understand a 70 amp ESC would be needed. What brand at the best price would I need? What about batteries. 3 cell 4 cell, how do I know what to get. I am just plane stupid with this.

Welcome to RC groups.
This is not really the best thread for this. You might want to start a thread in batteries and chargers if you have a battery question, or over to electric aircraft for questions about that plane. You will get more useful information and responses by putting your question and looking for answers in places closely related to your topic.

I do have this info for you. A quick google of "eratix" came back with this.

They have the recommended setup listed including high power and 3D configurations. Looks like a nice plane. I'm assuming you already know how to fly and are just new to electrics. Otherwise this would be a short lived first plane.

Anyway, for more questions specific to this plane... the search function on RCgroups works well. I did the leg-work for you this time... good luck with it. Once again, welcome to the forums. There's lots of good info here.
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