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Originally Posted by Pono420 View Post
sorry for not posting in awhile but ive got 4 new birds to build, test, and fly.
(spitfire, p-40, a-10, and a f-15)

i went out the other day to fly mine, things were going good so i got out my wifes cam so i could film the flight with flaps and so on. i did a low fly by inverted came around to do a barleroll and got5 halfway around and was to close to the ground and crashed...... i was able to pull up at the last min and save the plane from being trashed. the only damage was the nose gear came off and the was it. ill get the vid on youtube, you can see the impact with the ground but the tumble was out of the frame.
i thought my bird was trashed but there was hardly any damage.

if you have not tryed running flaps yet you are missing out on some VERY VERY SOLW LANDINGS, so slow you could walk up and grab it from out the air.
looking forward to the vid... glad the wreck wasn't a total
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