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Thank you Mike and Brendan!


First I wanted to thank the folks at HiTec for outstanding customer service.

Mike Mayberry and Brendan Lugo, were awesome in taking care of a new Hitec customer. They did everything within their power to resolve my issues as fast as possible and Mike went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.

It is sad but true that customer service like this is a thing of the past.
Although I had issues that resulted in me waiting about a week to play with my new toy folks were there to assist and were friendly and curtious.

Secondly, my HP22 programmer came in today and I upgraded without issue as far as I know of.

I do not have any fancy settings yet as I am still learning but on one bird I have FLAPCON set and that setting remains intact and works as it should.

The order in which I upgraded was:
the HP22 Programmer 1st
The TX second
The TX Module (I later remember it was not needed)
then the RX's themselves.

So far I see now issues, the process was fairly smooth and I had no difficulty with the procedure, I can see where the software may be a bit intimidating for a person that does not work with computers for a living but I give it a "A"

That is my experience, I hope it helps someone.

I debated, read, asked questions, read some more and then read more and I am very glad I decided to move to Hitec instead of Sticking with "the other guys" who to the best of my knowledge still have not made any info available about their "new" product.

Ok I'm done. (getting off soap box) - Thanks again guys.

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