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Originally Posted by Bigster View Post
Sorry, no. To turn off the tx twenty times between packs to silence the alarm for the one time to remind me to shut it off at the end of the day isn't a feature.

I admitted I see what it's doing, but if you think about it, the rx must be sending the last couple of frames of telemetry data after the battery is pulled. How else can it sense a battery voltage of 0 and still be able to transmit the data? I've also had a couple of cases where the last packet the tx receives is still above the cutoff, because the alarm doesn't go off when I disconnect. Are you saying that's deliberate?

I like the low voltage alarm, don't get me wrong, but the corner case of power shutoff time should be handled more gracefully.
I've witness no such squealing as you put it when unplugging the battery. Is this from the module or the radio? I bet it's the module... Have you changed the module warning from default?

Originally Posted by udogigahertz View Post
I have noticed a remarkable problem after the last update to 1.07, and 2.0: My switches are out of order! I noticed this after flights yesterday, when I wanted to switch on the lights - no function! Ad home I tested it and found out, that the lights are on, if I give full left aileron! How could that be? Before the update everything worked fine.

I tested all the other switches - no function either!

Now I switch my lights on and off with a slider - that works. What happened? Do you have the same problem?

Switch assignment is a feature in the service menu. Note to prevent from losing data if you do go into this menu (again, not advised) then to get out you should go to the custom menu where all the service icons will be and hit reset on the top. Don't hit exit or you will lose the data from that model.
Originally Posted by going4speed View Post
I thought the diode would stop a peak detection from working correctly?
That is correct. If you want to peak charge you should remove the battery.

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